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Live video is not just for Television. Anything that happens in real-time should not be missed!



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Allow Live Video Hawaii to capture your next event!


Why Choose Live Video Hawaii?

Real-Time Coverage

Any event that happens in real-time cannot be stopped. Having the right gear and team in place makes all the difference in the world. There are no 2nd chances to get the shot after it's already happened. Don't leave your event up to chance.

Multiple Cameras

More cameras, more cameras, more cameras! The more cameras you have, the better the coverage. Live Video Hawaii will determine the amount of cameras to cover your event so you'll have optimal coverage. We do nothing less than 3 cameras at any event.

IMAG (Image Magnification)

If your event has over 300 in attendance, those sitting in the back might not be able to see from where they're sitting. Adding a large screen and projector to your event will allow them to see the content more easily and feel like they're more engaged.


For those who cannot be in physical attendance at your event, streaming live to the internet is a great way to include them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common way is to tie into the sound system, house audio, or DJ at your event. We have 6 wireless receivers that can integrate with practically any audio system capturing sound in multiple channels from multiple sources. We also have a shotgun mic on each camera to pick up ambient house noise to give your video a more realistic feel.
At the bare minimum we use 3 cameras. Anything else just makes your video look cheap and amateurish. We are capable of using up to 8 cameras and in some instances, we can piggy back two systems together to give you up to 12 cameras if your event requires it.
Yes! Nobody wants to watch an unfinished video. While your event is happening in real-time, we are recording your video from each camera as well as a program line cut. We then take that video into post production to sweeten the edit and choose the best camera angle.
Yes. We can pre-build custom motion graphics for your events video. Media like lower thirds of names, contact info, statistics, sidebars and overlays all increase the production value of your video. Live Video Hawaii and create all these videos for you in advance or during post production to sweeten the final product.

4 Steps To A Great Live Production

Step One

Use multiple cameras to ensure you can easily cut between different angles. This keeps the viewers engaged, espceically those watching remotely from a live stream or post event who were not in attendance.

Step Two

Get the right sound. No matter how great your video looks, terrible audio can destroy your production. Make sure you have the right audio for your presenters, audience, musicians, conference call, or pre-produced video presentations.

Step Three

Do a site survey. Make sure you have enough power, plan for changes in weather conditions, determine how much cable you need to setup your video infrastrutuce, and test your internet connection prior to your event to ensure you can stream live without a glitch.

Step Four

ACTION! Planning in advance will make sure you are ready to go. Rehearse if possible, gather media such as slides, videos and presentations. Coordinate with lighting, audio, stage managers, and moderators if posssible and always follow a scripted timeline to make sure everyone is ready for a great show!

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Live Video Hawaii specializes in real-time video event coverage such as sports, ceremonies, conferences, seminars, recitals, pageants, performances, trainings, award ceremonies, graduations, or any other event that cannot be stopped.



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