The Clairvoyants

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Job Description

Mahalo to Ha.Ka. Entertainment for having us do their video on behalf of Hawaii Theater for this magical show!

Doing so much more than pulling rabbits out of hats, The Clairvoyants tickets are a must-have for any fan of the art of mysticism. Hailing from Austria, this talented magician and mentalist duo have been amazing international crowds since 2011. Amélie van Tass and Thommy Ten met in 2011, developing their chemistry and “second sight” act, which they debuted on stage in December of that year. They quickly transformed their act into a full-length show and began touring around Europe before they signed their first contract in America in 2014. This started their run to the top of the magic world as they moved from “The Illusionarium” to a spot on the largest touring magic show in the world, “The Illusionists.” They moved from a spot on that tour to an appearance on “America’s Got Talent” in 2016, where they finished runner-up to singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal.

The majesty of their performance helped them get called back to appear in 2019’s America’s Got Talent: The Champions, showing again why The Clairvoyants tickets are so highly sought after. Along with finishing second place in a competition with over 100,000 participants, The Clairvoyants have performed at multiple major arenas, including the Sydney Opera House and the Palace Theater on Broadway. Each of The Clairvoyant’s magic tricks is cleverly crafted and artfully executed, with some even featuring their magical dog and assistant, Mr. Koni Houdini. Utilizing the power of mentalism, the duo astounds audiences as they know things they shouldn’t know. One example includes them guessing the contents of guests’ bags down to the expiration date on a bottle of eye drops while blindfolded.

Project Details

  • Live Event Coverage
  • Live Switch
  • IMAG - Image Magnification


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