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Allow Live Video Hawaii to capture your next event! Whether it's a hula or dance recital, school program or play, theater or drama performance, pageant, or a sporting event, Live Video Hawaii is ready to immortalize your event forever on video. Please tell us about your upcoming event so we can best determine if we're a good fit for you.

What's the best number to reach you at?
If you have a date set, please let us know so we can check availability.
What time do you plan to start your event?
What time do you project the event will end?
What type of event will be recorded?
If other, please explain your event and what you would like recorded.
Are you planning to resell your event on video as a DVD, Blu-ray, or digital file for download?
The cost at certain venues to provide internet to live stream your event can be outrageous. We would require a 5MB upload speed minimum for an ideal viewing experience for your audience. If you will not be providing internet access, we can provide a cellular bonding live streaming service if required.
Do you need your event projected on large screens for all attendees to see who'll be sitting at a distance?
Please tell us anything you think we should know in advance about your event that you would like recorded.
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Live Video Hawaii specializes in real-time video event coverage such as sports, ceremonies, conferences, seminars, recitals, pageants, performances, trainings, award ceremonies, graduations, or any other event that cannot be stopped.



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