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Job Description

COVID-19 social distancing was not nice to the convention industry in 2020. Trade shows had to improvise and come up with creative solutions to keep their attendees engaged as many of them had required accredited hours to complete to maintain their certifications.

With 16 complete sessions over a 3 days period, an opening keynote address, and a Pau Hana panel discussion, Live Video Hawaii was able to fulfill their needs and stream their content on their password-protected website we built. The content was protected from non-paying attendees and only allowed access to users who registered to attend.

Using Zoom, we were able to bring in guests from all over Hawaii and throughout the Mainland US complete with presentations, slide decks, and video clips to stream to viewers all over the US in real-time.

Sponsors were also given love as their commercials and presentations were played back pre and post-session to bring product and service awareness to those viewing in attendance.

Last for residual value, these sessions are archived for users to continue to view anytime for the following year to refresh their memory on topics if desired.

Project Details

  • Live Event Coverage
  • Virtual Event
  • Live Switch
  • Live Streaming


Live Video Hawaii specializes in real-time video event coverage such as sports, ceremonies, conferences, seminars, recitals, pageants, performances, trainings, award ceremonies, graduations, or any other event that cannot be stopped.



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