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Job Description

Mahalo to Mystical Sounds for trusting us to stream and switch this worldwide event coverage from the Alohilani Hotel in Waikiki. With 3 powerpoint laptops, 3 LED walls, 3 camera, and multiple simultaneous video playback in synchronization to LED walls from various sources. Our portion was only the video switch, cameras, and stream encoding to YouTube Live. Mystical Sounds who contracted us did all the lighting, audio, power and video wall.

Jubilee Ace Limited is an arbitrage centric company that focuses on maximizing yield with minimum risk. Founded in the British Virgin Islands in 2018 with a paid-up capital of US$50 million, we are a company that specializes in arbitraging across a wide range of sectors.

Project Details

  • Live Event Coverage
  • Live Switch
  • IMAG - Image Magnification
  • Live Streaming


Live Video Hawaii specializes in real-time video event coverage such as sports, ceremonies, conferences, seminars, recitals, pageants, performances, trainings, award ceremonies, graduations, or any other event that cannot be stopped.



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