Re-Thinking the all hands in meeting.

Getting everyone together in the same place at the same time is always the best way to deliver important information. It gives all your staff direct access to senior management and ensures everyone hears the same story at the same time. More than this, it means key questions can also be addressed right there with everyone in the room.

These types of meetings are fine if you’re a small or even a mid-sized business. But they become almost impossible when you are a major enterprise with national and international locations.

Bridge the gap with video
Worried about the expense of flying in key staff? It’s time to take a different approach. Simply use live streaming video to deliver your message in real time across your offices and around the world. That way, everyone can take part—whether they’re at their desks in the office or at home on their mobile devices.

Multiple locations. Multiple benefits.
The advantages of live-streaming and multi-camera production are clear:

  • Everyone gets the same information at the same time
  • People can ask questions and get answers immediately
  • Their first-hand experience means they’ll retain the information longer
  • The result can be made available for on-demand viewing on your intranet later
  • You can share it on social channels for extra viewing and wider feedback
  • And you get the kind of production values which will make everyone proud