Hawaiian Airlines Rebrand Logo Reveal

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Job Description

When you push out a Facebook Live stream to over 500,000 of your followers for a new corporate brand identity release, you don't leave it to chance. Hawaiian Airlines trusted us to switch a separate live broadcast on May 1, 2017 in their new cargo hanger facility to reveal the brand new logo and look of their company worldwide. Live Video Hawaii played a small part in this huge production in tandem with Current Affairs Hawaii, Rhema Sound, Hawaii Stage & Lighting, World Entrainment Group, RKT Media, and Staging Solutions Hawaii.

Live Video Hawaii provided 3 cameras and Staging Solutions Hawaii provided us with the IMAG feed going to the LED wall as well as an additional camera ISO feed for a total of 5 sources. Our talent was fed with 2 IFBs for cues as we did 7 separate Facebook Live webcast.

Project Details

  • Live Event Coverage
  • Live Switch
  • IMAG - Image Magnification
  • Live Streaming


Live Video Hawaii specializes in real-time video event coverage such as sports, ceremonies, conferences, seminars, recitals, pageants, performances, trainings, award ceremonies, graduations, or any other event that cannot be stopped.



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